Actress Sitsofe Tsikor schools students of SOS-Hermann Gmeiner Sch

Students of SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College in Tema were taken through a career program organized by the school’s authority.

The career day programme is designed to help students in the institution discover their interests, develop significant self-motivation, and become high performing individuals as well as helping them in navigating their paths.

Actress Sitsofe Tsikor mentored students of the College in acting and how to compere events.

In her submission, the actress urged students to aspire to be the movie stars they would want to become by working hard towards that goal.

Ms Tsikor provided over an hour of personal interaction raising their goals and expectations.

The students in attendance revealed some of their fears and perceptions with regards to film making and acting which was categorically addressed by the actress.

Actress Sitsofe Tsikor has starred in many local and international films and is very well recognized on the international stage. Some of her films include My Very Gh Wedding Borga, handicapped, Sunshine Avenue, Squatters etc.

Actress Sitsofe Tsikor is definitely one of the few very talented Ghanaian actresses you should look out for.

Follow her on social media @TheSitsofe

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